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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Visit Pulau Tikus Town In Penang!!!

Pulau Tikus is a suburban town about two miles from Penang Road, lying along Jalan Nurma and on the route if the Blue (Hin) Bus Company. Although sinewhat neglected by tourist, Pulau Tikus has a number of tourist attractions, including some of Penang’s better eating places, a market interesting architecture and a variety if temple. The food is in the coffee shops along Jalan Buma and the restaurants (also a tidy shop) along Jalan Cantonment, which intersects Jalan Burma in the centre of Pulau Tikus . Moreover , Gurney Drive with its abundance of hawker food is just a few streets aways.

Along Burma Lane there there are two Theravada Buddist temples, the Burma Lane Burnese Temple and the Wat Chaya Mangalaram Thai Temple. There is a Tua Peh Kong temple in Jalan Burma, and the Malaysian Buddhist Assiciation is near-by. The Pulau Tikus Market (across jalan  Burma on Jalan Pasar), active from around 7.30 AM until late morning, is the one of the hire interesting of Penang’s markets, the side street (particular Bangkok Lane) contain attractive examples of pre-war terrace housing, with tiled facades on many of the buildings while the area to the west of Pulau Tikus has fine old bungalows in high compounds.

Pulau Tikus has both a large Baba Chinese community and a substantial Eurasian population, the latter concentrated around the  Church of the lmmuacukate Conception in an area known as Kampong Serani.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

How Delicious Is Penang Food?

Next week one of my friend from dubai was pay me a visit, i was help my friend took up a tour agency service for my friend due to i was in busy.
The Tour Operator Suggested to me for a private tour for my my friend main theme is eat all the local street food in Penang.
"Penang food are the best of whole that world that i would never had!"
The comment that i received that i never thought Penang food are really ever delicious as he said!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Napa Wine Tours Limo: Get Away From Your Busy Life and Relax

For anyone that has a penchant for wine, Napa wine tours should surely be on your bucket list. The wine country offers miles and miles of serene lands to help you get away from your busy life and relax. You will definitely be astounded by the beauty of Napa! Napa attracts about five million visitors a year; a big percentage of which comes from abroad.
Wineries to visit
There are approximately 400 wineries in Napa and it is important to decide which wineries you want to visit before hand since visiting all of them will be virtually impossible. Tour companies have their planned out routes to allow you visit a good number of wineries. Alternatively, if you are adventurous and plan to take charge of the situation yourself, you will have to plot out a good route on your map. The most famous wineries are Kuleto Estate, Castello di Amorosa and Schramsberg. These wineries require reservation so make sure you book yourself before leaving. Beringer, Mondavi and Sterling are some wineries where you can just drop in.
Mode of transport for traveling around Napa
Majority of the visitors hire a guide to drive them around. Vehicle sizes that are used vary depending on the number of visitors in a group; up to 36 people can travel on the same set of wheels. Napa wine tours limo is perhaps a favorite of every visitor. This is because complimentary wine is offered on every Napa wine tours limo. Napa wine tours limo is way more luxurious than an average four seater.
Drive and stay overnight
Staying overnight will allow you to spend more time in Napa. By staying a night, you will have a chance to enjoy a laid back dinner, take a stroll around and have a good night’s sleep instead of having to maneuver your way through the traffic that leaves Napa at night. The next morning, you should have nice ‘Napa’ breakfast and further visit a couple of wineries before leaving ahead of the crowd and enjoying smooth ride back home.
Napa wine tours limo is priced according to the number of hours you plan to stay there. If hiring a Napa wine tours limo, expect to pay around $65 an hour. Typically you will have a choice of a 4, 6 and 8 hour. If arriving in bigger numbers, then you will surely be able to secure a discount on Napa wine tours limo.
Famous wine trails
There are numerous well known wine trails in Napa. One of them is the Silverado trail. This road is mainly used by the natives of Napa. This road has a wide selection of wineries to suit the taste of every wine taster. Incase you did not pack lunch, you can always pick up food from Soda Canyon Store. The drive on this trail is breath-taking!    
Napa, being a world class wine country, is definitely going to offer you an experience that will be remembered for many many years to come.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Unleash The Adventurer In You – Learn To Ski And Rock The Snow Board!

Enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding like a Pro and Transform This Winter to a Fun-filled Ride with these Special Deals

If adventure is your passion and you can’t say no to thrill, you have come to the right place! Gliding through the blanketed peaks of Squaw Valley at the Sierra Tahoe will be an experience that you are going to remember For years to come!
Who cares if you have never been on a snowboard in your life or are a complete novice at skiing? A few hours into training and you will feel like a Boss is conquering the snow laden peaks and twisting and turning with ease! Don’t believe me? Read on to learn more!
Skiing has been known as the number one pastime that attractsadventurers and sports enthusiasts from around the world as soon as the air gets a chill. A complete holiday experience is incomplete without a thrilling trip down the mountains with nothing to stop you at any point. It is a joy that you can only experience once you get over a skate board and race through miles and miles of snow laden peaks.
The feeling you get when the air rustles through your ears as you glide over the ground stretching beneath you like a massive white blanket is unlike any other. You have to experience it once to believe it, and what other place to enjoy your first skiing adventure than the mesmerizing Squaw Valley?
The stage is set for a massive haul of snow fall this December and January in the Squaw Valley and tickets and passes are flying like hot cakes! Book your tickets or opt for a pass right now to get the best discounts in your bag.
Check out some of the best lift ticket deals and college discounts on offer to intensify your skiing experience to the max. Register now and get your hands on some of the best deals that Squaw has to offer and widen your chances of getting complimentary lift tickets and free skiing opportunities!
Wary of getting onto the adventure train as this is going to be your first time on a snowboard? Not to worry! Squaw has taken the full responsibility of transforming this first adventure of yours into an unforgettable one! Learn to ski like a pro with training from some of the best experts on board. Start with fun, turn with ease and stop at will while gliding on the wide and roomy terrain.
Snowboarding is one major eye candy that is a sure fire winner and top seller at Squaw, especially for kids! Yes, head on to Tahoe for skiing and snowboarding with your entire family and watch their faces glow with anticipation and fun.
And while you are at it, you do not need to worry about your little one’s safety while Squaw is in charge! There are custom kids skiing lessons held for your little tots both privately and in groups that ensure that your family is all smiles during the vacation!
And the fun does not end here! Spend your mornings skiing at the valley and get a chance to explore the captivating resorts as well! Get your hands on the best offer that Squaw has to offer – the Tahoe Super pass!
Buy it once and you will have to exercise your spirits to keep them in check! With the privileges that come with this pass, you will be able to ski and ride not only in Squaw Valley but also across the Alpine meadows and the Sierra at Tahoe!
What better way to spend your holidays than this exciting trip packed with all the fun that you can imagine? You need to experience it to believe it.

So, what are you waiting for? Fasten your seat belts and get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime! Ski and Board at Squaw Valley and plan atrip NOW!